Hart Family Mini Session: Louisa, Virginia Family Photographer

November 10, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

This family chose me to be their first ever family portrait photographer! Imagine the pressure I was feeling when they told me that. But thankfully all of the elements were in my favor. Their session is one I will never forget and it's all because of their little boy. 
I quickly learned that as I was taking his pictures he was mimicking the face I make when I look through my cameras view finder. My face squishes, and so did his. I tried to make his smile. I used toys, I made silly noises, I sang songs, I tried everything. No smiles! But suddenly he just walked right over to me, he briefly inspected my camera and then he just laid his head on my shoulder and hugged me. Not a quick hug, but a long lingering hug. It was so awesome. I melted my heart. 
As many of you know things have been a bit stressful lately (and I'll talk about that all one day). This hug made such a difference for me. It lifted my spirits and it filled me with LOVE! 
Love can change anything. 
So squishy face or smiles. This family mini-session will always be remembered as one of my favorites!


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